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Tips for The Interview

Interviewing Tips


Dress in a professional manner. Professional wear is always the best choice.

Items to avoid include, tight fitting clothing, revealing necklines, mini skirt / dress length, heavy after shave or perfume, and loud prints. Tone down the jewelry. You are looking for a job opportunity; this is not a social event!

Do not smell of smoke. (If you are a smoker, do not flick the butt in the dealership parking lot.) It is a guarantee that someone will see you. This will not bode well for you!

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. The odds of you knowing an employee that is already working in the same dealership that you are applying for, are probably pretty good. This does not mean that it is time to socialize! Do not lose focus on why you are there in the first place. Your friend will probably have very little, if any influence on you ultimately getting the job anyway. Even though he will probably tell you, that he / she does.

Speak politely to the receptionist.

Be prepared! Yes, you have already e-mailed or faxed your resume three days ago, and you were granted the interview, but make sure you have several clean copies with you. That does not mean a copy rolled up in your pocket! Make sure it is current, accurate and looks professional.

Shut off your cell phone before you enter the dealership for an interview and take the Blue Tooth out of your ear.

Do not chew gum, or wear sunglasses and refrain from using any type of profanity.

Do not interrupt your interviewer.

Remember to make eye contact with your interviewer.

Do not speak about salary requirements too soon.

Make sure that you are able to explain how your strengths and abilities when applying for a job. Make a strong case (based on facts), as to why you are the best candidate for the job. Having documentation to support those facts is probably a very good idea. Keep your explanation as to why you left your last job as brief as possible. Do not bad mouth your previous employers. (We recently had a candidate that told a Dealer Principle in an interview, that he was suing his former employer! (Needless to say, he did not get the job!)

You need to have credible references that will have a positive impact! This does not mean a friend that owns a bagel store or a neighbor that works on Wall Street. This will not have a positive impact on the interviewer’s decision. Prior employers in the automotive business (preferably a Dealer Principle / Senior Manager, Bank Representatives, Credit Analysts, Manufacturer Reps, reputable vendors are always your best choices!

You are an:

Advanced Seasoned Automotive Professional!