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Platinum Advance

As you well know, seeking out a new automotive job opportunity in today’s economic environment can be very challenging, stressful time and consuming! Missing the right opportunity can be very costly!  Knowing about a new automotive job opportunity in advance is …HUGE!

Dealers today have more than enough candidates in which to choose from and they KNOW IT!  Separating yourself from your competitors is key in being granted an interview.

The Advanced Seasoned Automotive Professional  (ASAP) has just announced a brand new program called ASAP PLATINUM ADVANCE. You will have the ability to receive a 48 hour advance notification of any new automotive jobs opportunities that are posted to the WWW.ASAP411.COM web site.

  • Text message sent directly to your cell phone! 
  • E -mail alert!
  • Voice mail to your cell phone!

All within minutes!  

By enrolling in the ASAP Platinum Advance program you have given yourself a very powerful and distinct advantage over your competitors that may be seeking the same automotive job opportunity as you are!

Under the PLATINUM ADVANCE program, ASAP will also provide you with a professionally written resume. All too many times, a job seeker does not have a resume, key credentials are never stated, the resume is outdated, out of sequential order and has misspelled words. The true talents and credentials are never displayed to the perspective employer, leaving you in a very disadvantaged state.

Your resume is a direct reflection of you, your talents, credentials, organizational skills, certifications and training!  The perception from a potential employer in today’s highly competitive automotive job market is that if your resume does not look good.


                                                                                                            WHO’ S LOOKING!
You will now have the ability to advertise your professionally  written resume on to the WWW.ASAP411.COM web site to a host of Dealer Principles and senior management that view it every day. Another advantage to you in seeking out that new opportunity.

For more information on how you can become a member of the ASAP PLATINUM ADVANCE PROGRAM, call us at (516) 909-4488, and ask for Richard E. Henn (N. E. Regional Manager) or e-mail us at